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Blueberry Cookies


This exquisite strain combines the best of both worlds, delivering a soothing body high alongside a creative mental buzz. Elevate your senses and unwind in tranquility with the sweet, earthy essence of Blueberry Cookies.

Predominant Terpenes: Linalool, Limonene

Effects: Happy Focused

Bubblegum OG


Unwind as the calming embrace of this strain washes over you, melting away stress and tension. The perfect companion for a restful evening, Bubblegum OG’s sweet and earthy flavors create a delightful experience of relaxation and ease.

Predominant Terpenes: Myrcene | Linalool

Effects: Sleepy | Relaxed

Papaya Kush


Let the tropical essence and rich aroma transport you to a state of serenity. Indulge in the soothing effects that gently unwind your body and mind, making Papaya Kush the perfect choice for a tranquil evening of blissful repose.

Predominant Terpenes: Farnesene | Myrcene

Effects: Aroused | Calm

Green Gusherz


This invigorating strain delivers a burst of uplifting effects, perfect for enhancing focus and motivation. Let the zesty and refreshing flavor propel you forward, while the sativa effects provide a dynamic and inspiring experience. Elevate your day with Green Gusherz.

Predominant Terpenes: Terpineol | Humulene

Effects: Focused | Relaxed

Pineapple Punch


A tropical escape that tantalizes your taste buds and senses. This carefully crafted blend offers the perfect balance between relaxation and revitalization. Let the sweet, juicy pineapple flavors sweep you off your feet while delivering a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

Predominant Terpenes: Sabinene | Terpinene

Effects: Relaxed | Focused

Pink Panties


This luxurious strain envelops you in a sense of tranquility, soothing both body and mind. The gentle euphoria combined with its sweet and earthy aroma creates a serene atmosphere, making Pink Panties the perfect choice for a restful and peaceful evening.

Predominant Terpenes: Beta-caryophyllene | Geraniol

Effects: Elevated | Relaxed

Rainbow Sherbert 11


Let the vibrant flavors and soothing effects transport you to a state of pure bliss. This enchanting strain combines a delightful sweetness with tranquil sensations, offering a serene escape from the everyday hustle. Indulge in the colorful serenity of Rainbow Sherbert 11

Predominant Terpenes: Phytol | Linalool

Effects: Sleepy | Euphoric

Skywalker OG


Envelop yourself in the calming embrace of this renowned strain, as it eases your body and mind into deep relaxation. With its earthy aroma and potent effects, Skywalker OG is your ticket to a serene and peaceful escape from the stresses of the day.

Predominant Terpenes: Borneol | Myrcene

Effects: Sleepy | Relaxed



Enjoy the succulent fusion of strawberry and banana as this flavor delights your palate while igniting creativity and focus. Experience the gentle euphoria uplifting your spirits, making Strawnana the perfect companion for a productive and flavorful journey.

Predominant Terpenes: Delta 3 Carene | Valencene

Effects: Focused | Energetic | Uplifting

Super Lemon Haze


Immerse yourself in the citrus explosion that fuels creativity and invigoration. Elevate your mood and focus as the effects deliver a burst of energy, making Super Lemon Haze the ideal companion for a vibrant and uplifting experience.

Predominant Terpenes: Limonene | Pinene

Effects: Focused | Energetic

Tropical Gelato


Embark on a sensory journey with our Tropical Gelato. This exquisite blend fuses the best of both worlds, delivering a balanced experience of uplifting euphoria and soothing relaxation. Let the tantalizing tropical flavors whisk you away while the effects provide a harmonious escape from the ordinary.

Predominant Terpenes: Ocimene | Nerolidol

Effects: Euphoric | Calming



Unleash the power of this vibrant strain as it uplifts your mind. With its delightful blend of fruity flavors, Zkittles offers a euphoric journey that invigorates your spirit and keeps you motivated throughout the day.

Predominant Terpenes: Valencene | Limonene

Effects: Focused | Relaxing | Euphoric

100% Cannabis Oil

At CURE INJOY, we take pride in being an industry-leading cannabis oil brand that sets new standards in TECHNOLOGY, efficacy and purity.